Here are just a few of the things going on for undergraduates in EAPS. For a department-wide listing of events visit the general department website:

AUGUST 19-26

Discover EAPS: Yellowstone National Park

DEAPS Yellowstone is an eight-day immersion in the geologic wonders of Yellowstone and its surroundings. Through a rigorous itinerary of daily visits, hikes, and drive-bys throughout the Yellowstone/ Grand Teton NPs, you can look forward to an expert grounding in basic earth science from the nature and causes of volcanic eruptions to the origin and diversity of microbial life in hot springs, to what we can tell about past climates from the fossil record: A window on the uniquely broad and interdisciplinary science that exemplifies so much research in EAPS.

AUGUST 23-27

Discover EAPS: Extreme Weather and Climate

DEAPS Extreme Weather is a five-day exploration of the science of the Earth at MIT and at Mt Washington in New Hampshire, covering examples of extreme weather, hurricanes and blizzards, and current topics of climate research. What have we learned from the past climate, what do we know of the present, and what can we say about the future?


EAPS at the MIT Orientation Academic Expo

MIT Johnson Ice Rink | 2:30PM
Meet the EAPS Education Office staff and current Course XII majors to learn more about opportunities in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. MIT Campus, Johnson Ice Rink | 2:30pm


Fall Field Trip: Newfoundland

The trip will focus on the geology of Newfoundland and will cross three ancient continents with stops along the way including world-famous Ediacaran fossils, ophiolites and suture zones, Snowball Earth deposits, Quaternary glacial valleys and fjords. Undergraduates are particularly encouraged to join the trip and will have first priority on available spaces.