The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

The faculty in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences are eager to have UROP students join their research teams. EAPS is a collegial department with an informal atmosphere. Students, researchers, and faculty all work together and know each other well. UROP students are welcome members of the team. First year students often ask if they are eligible to work on a UROP project. In the vast majority of cases the answer is, yes!

The most common way to find a UROP project in EAPS is just to ask. Investigate the kinds of research each faculty member does by looking at their web pages. The EAPS website has a page for each faculty member with a brief research description. Often there is also a link to an independent page for their research group with more detail.

Once you know who is doing work that interests you, go knock on their door, or send them an email saying you’re interested in a UROP project, and ask if they have anything available. Most faculty are willing to work with you to find a project in their lab. Occasionally a project is listed on the UROP website, but most commonly students become involved by just asking.

If you have any questions or want help with a place to get started, call or visit the EAPS Academic Office. No appointment is necessary. It is common for students to drop in.

EAPS Academic Office  Building 54, Room 912

Phone  617. 253. 3381